My 10 best tips to begin bedtime praying with your kids

I’ve written an article about how my wife and I do bedtime praying with our kids. I know you’re going to love it, so I’ve summarized our 10 best pieces of advice here.

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1. Set a reminder in your phone to begin praying every day at the same time.
2. Set the “scene”: lower the lights, perhaps turn on a soft light or a candle…
3. Slowly read a short Bible text: one or two verses is enough.
4. Clarify the difficult words.
5. Ask your kids to memorize the text and play with them to repeat the verses.
6. Make an open-ended question about the text and let them answer it.
7. Summarize the session with a brief prayer, focusing on the main point.
8. You can say together the Lord’s Prayer or another prayer you like.
9. Finish with a final sentence like: “In Jesus’ name.”
10. Try it! It does not take more than five minutes.

I hope it helps you!

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