Are your kids asking you questions about the Bible which panic you?

We have three little monkeys who love asking questions about the Bible. Their preferred questions always begin with the word, “Why.” Every time we hear “why,” we hold our breath because the questions are never easy to answer.

If you are experiencing the same feeling, I am here to help you. Fill out the form in the sidebar and I’ll answer your question in less than 24 hours.

Additonally, as a part of my Digital Mission, every Wednesday I’m going to send you one of the questions I answered in the previous week. Here are a few examples of my previous answers:

Why Do We Have to Study the Bible?

Some days ago, Misael S. wrote to me, asking: “Why do we have to read and study the Bible?” If you ever face such a question, you don’t need my help to answer it. I’m sure that your answer will be well. The first answer which comes to our mind is, of course: “Because...

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Ideas for Teaching Kids about Sin

Some days ago, Anne L. A. wrote me: Hi Toni, Can you help me explaining sin to my children? Thanks! Ana Sin is not an easy topic, like most of the topics I answer in my Wednesday messages. The greatest questions never have easy answers. I try to offer you some...

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Why Does God Allow Earthquakes?

Some days ago, Dome sent me this message: Hi Toni, I’d like if you can explain me one thing that bothers me. I do not know if you are aware of the Equador earthquakes. I’m a bit scared about it because at anytime an earthquake may happen. Why does God allow...

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How to Teach the Trinity to Kids

As promised, this is my lesson about how to explain the Trinity to kids (for a teenager’s explanation, another email will be written someday). This message is an answer to Henry, Olga, and many others who have asked for hints about how to teach such a complex topic....

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Who Was the Mom Of God the Father?

Some weeks ago, Mary Carmen M. wrote in with a question from her daughter: Who was the mom of God the Father? We laughed a lot together and I tried to send her an answer adapted to her daughter’s age. Some days later, Elisha sent me this question: Who made God the...

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Bible Reading with Kids—Extremely Hard to Digest

Last weekend my reader Yve sent me the email below which deeply resonated with my own experience of Bible reading with my children: My challenge with my older kids with regards to the Bible is that they found it hard to understand God's sovereignty in everything. Like...

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Listening to the Voice of God

My reader, Flory R., sent me this email which made me tick: Hi Toni, Today I was reading your answer to Joan about “How do we know there is Heaven?” and it made me think about one question my daughter asked to me. She was playing, and suddenly she said, “Mommy… What...

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10-year-old girl asking what Heaven is like

Last week, Marjorie sent me this email and I promised her to try and answer her daughter's questions about Heaven:    Shalom Toni, I am also having difficulties with my 10-year-old girl who wants to know about our life after we go to Heaven, and how it is there in...

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About True Happiness

Yesterday Donna, the parent of one of the families who are supporting my digital mission, asked me to pray for Sean, her 15-year-old son, who is struggling with his Faith in God.   When parents write to me about their concerns with their teenaged children, I'm used to...

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Prayers not answered

A couple of weeks ago, Melinda H. told me some issues she had with non-answered prayers. Sometimes, she felt forsaken by God. I'm sending you my answer with more thoughts I had. I hope it helps! Hi Mindy, You said that you cannot get God’s answers to your prayers...

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