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Yesterday Donna, the parent of one of the families who are supporting my digital mission, asked me to pray for Sean, her 15-year-old son, who is struggling with his Faith in God.  

When parents write to me about their concerns with their teenaged children, I’m used to suggesting that they allow their teens to write to me, asking three questions. I’d prefer to have direct communication with teenagers to answer their questions. Besides, behind a teenager struggling with his faith at this young age, usually there is a clever person who is asking himself the more important questions of life.

But Donna added this sentence to the email: “Something good happens in his life and he’s happy, then his happiness gets ripped from him.” It made me think. How many times have I not experienced the same thing? Does it not happen to you? It seems that worldly stuff has this effect on us; a very short happiness which does not last.

Christian happiness seems to be a completely different thing. It’s a deep inner peace and an exploding joy feeling the God’s love in our life. But how can we get such happiness?

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

If we keep seeking worldly happiness, we’ll never reach true happiness. Worldly happiness is so elusive that we can grasp it just for an instant, as Sean has already experienced. But true happiness that comes from God is a completely different matter.

And that true happiness is not something we can attain by ourselves. It’s just a gift from God. A gift that you need to ask for on a daily basis, as the manna in the desert. We have to pray, asking for the daily bread of the joyful presence of the Lord inside us.

Some people never pray for themselves, they only pray for others. They are used to saying: “I’m well, as I am; there are many people more troubled than myself.” or “God has enough work with the world’s conflicts to be disturbed by my petty affairs.” So they never pray to receive this deep joy, peace, and love which are the first fruits of the Holy Spirit: the presence of God inside us. I encourage you to ask your Heavenly Father for the true happiness that only He can bestow upon you. Pray, pray, pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit into your life, and this prayer will never be unattended!

“Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.” (John 16:24b)

Over nine long months of praying and suffering, I wrote a book about Christian happiness. The title of the book is, of course, “The Beatitudes.” The book is published in the app Christianity Simply Explained, but if you’d like to contribute to my digital mission, I’m going to send it as a gift for you. More details here.

Please, pray for Sean and for his family, and for every teenager struggling with his faith.

Joy and peace, my brothers and sisters. 




  1. Margie Bridges

    True Happiness is about your relationship with Jesus! I go out in the work and I seek to find people who seem to be sad! So I ask them, mostly young people. Have you prayed today? Have you told Jesus that you love him and that you accept him as your Saviour and King of Kings? Do you know Jesus? Would you like to accept Jesus into your life and would you like to pray? Some of the time, I get a yes, sometimes I just get a walk away, but I pray for them myself. That’s what we are told to do! Sometimes I get ones that start to cry and I take there
    precious hands and hold on to them and show them that they are a true God! Jesus is real! He does care! He does love everyone that comes to him regardless of whom they are! No
    questions! Jesus!!!!??

  2. Margie Bridges

    Toni, I have will pray for Sean and his family! Every family needs prayer. Everyone needs to realize that everyday is a battle, more so for some, than others. Because I have lived it. Jesus has walked with me every single step of my life. Our faith should come first and God will place everything else according to his plans.

    • Toni Matas



  3. Dino deborja jr

    Happiness is for eternity
    What the Lord promised was peace and joy the world cannot give.
    Only through the Holy Spirit it will

  4. Victor

    It was Jesus who said,’ I will see you again and your heart will rejoice, and you joy no one will take from you’..

    It’s such a precious promise.
    I some time shake my head in dismay – at humanity, not accepting the free gift of Christ.
    But pray we will.. men always ought to pray as we are so graceiously encouraged by our Lord.

    Thank you for your witness.
    In the Name of our Blessed Saviour.


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