A 4 year old kid asked: “How do You Know There Is a Heaven?”


Last Sunday Joan C. sent me this email: 

Dear Toni,
I take years 3 and 4 for Scripture.
A question asked by a pupil was “how do you know there is a Heaven?”
I was in the middle of the lesson on the ascension, so I promised him that I would give a lesson on it when we returned for next term.
I’m about to start preparing the lesson.
Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I asked permission from Joan to send to you what I answered her, just in case you ever may encounter yourself in such a situation. 

Dear Joan,

“How do you know there is Heaven?”

That’s really a good question! Even if it comes from a very young kid.

But it’s the kind of question that scares us if it’s done in the middle of a lesson.

I teach kids from 3 to 11, and I’m also in charge of training teachers as well so I’ve experimented such situations with difficult questions when we’re teaching other things.

In most cases, I answer exactly the same as you did, not trying to improvise the answer but promising a response in the next session. So I really know how you feel!

Here you have my early thoughts about how I’d teach a session about it with very young kids, using the question-technique. In the next list, the questions are for you, and the answers are just simulated responses from your pupils.

Any of you have been in heaven?


Do you think I’ve been in heaven?

No, indeed.

Do you think a pastor or priest (or an authorized person for them) who has been in heaven?


Do you know anybody who has been in heaven?

Three answers possible:

  • No
  • Someone who has died (grandfather, grandma…)
  • Jesus (that’s the answer we’re looking for)

If they answer a dead loved one:

  • Has your grandpa returned from heaven to tell you that there is heaven?
  • No

But I know a person who has been in heaven and has returned to tell us there is a Heaven.

You have to guess who he is.

Let them guess.

As they are in a Christian lesson situation, some of them will answer: “Jesus”.

That’s your moment, say something like: yes! Encourage them with a funny reward: You got 1,000 wisdom points, or extra bonus as you like.

But, how do we know that Jesus has been in heaven?

Because he told it to his friends.

And his friends wrote it in the Gospels for us to know.

Let me read you the text of the Bible where we find it:

No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven, the Son of Man. John 3:13

Do you trust Jesus?


So we know there is a heaven because we trust Jesus.

And Jesus told us there is a Heaven, he told us he came from heaven and we will be in heaven with him after we die.

Have any of you lost your grandpa or grandma?


We know that they are in Heaven because Jesus told his disciples that he will rise from the dead, as well as everybody who trusts him, and will lead them to Heaven.

If you need a quote: For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day. John 6:40 NIV

So we are not bewildered about the dead.

We know there is a heaven because Jesus told us.

And we know if we trust Jesus, we will be with him and with our relatives in heaven.

Do you trust Jesus?

Hope it helps; sorry if it’s not elaborated enough for you.

You already have my personal email: tonimatas@childrenbible.org.





  1. Minister E. Robinson

    Toni that is perfect for ages 3-7 which is the ages I teaches in children church awesome word.
    Thanks so much for sharing it right on time because my lesson for Sunday is “Is heaven for real?”
    Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you as you bless others with His word and answers.

  2. Margie Bridges

    Yes, there is a heaven, it is more beautiful than anyone of us on earth can ever imagine in our minds! As I write this I want everyone to know how wonderful & just, Our Heavently Father is, he has placed me as a child, young person & grown person directly in heaven. He has given me, (a simple person) who cried out to him to help me in my time of need, hurting, & suffering here on this earth. Heaven is so beautiful! Everyone, please understand Jesus is ALIVE! Heaven is for real! It is so beautiful! What you see here, is nothing what is what is in store that’s in heaven. The colors are much more beautiful & they are many more colors there than here, believe me! The flowers that grow there don’t grow on earth! They are animals there also! There are cities in cities and even more! The beauty of the sky is more beautiful! And God, himself. Jesus, The Holy Spirit, are all there! There are Angel’s doings all kinds of works, and Staints praising God. Singing, and there is a Huge Table so long, that it goes on and on and on though Heaven. Heaven is all light up by the presence of God! He sets on his mighty throne and by his side sits Jesus! Believe me! Heaven is Real!!


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