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Are you worried about how to talk to your children about God?

If that is the case, welcome to my Digital Mission website. My name is Toni and I help Christian Parents and Teachers to raise their kids closer to God with Bible Stories, Resources and Advice.
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Why Do We Have to Study the Bible?

Some days ago, Misael S. wrote to me, asking: “Why do we have to read and study the Bible?” If you ever face such a question, you don’t need my help to answer it. I’m sure that your answer will be well. The first answer which comes to our mind is, of course: “Because...

Ideas for Teaching Kids about Sin

Some days ago, Anne L. A. wrote me: Hi Toni, Can you help me explaining sin to my children? Thanks! Ana Sin is not an easy topic, like most of the topics I answer in my Wednesday messages. The greatest questions never have easy answers. I try to offer you some...

Why Does God Allow Earthquakes?

Some days ago, Dome sent me this message: Hi Toni, I’d like if you can explain me one thing that bothers me. I do not know if you are aware of the Equador earthquakes. I’m a bit scared about it because at anytime an earthquake may happen. Why does God allow...

How to Teach the Trinity to Kids

As promised, this is my lesson about how to explain the Trinity to kids (for a teenager’s explanation, another email will be written someday). This message is an answer to Henry, Olga, and many others who have asked for hints about how to teach such a complex topic....

Who Was the Mom Of God the Father?

Some weeks ago, Mary Carmen M. wrote in with a question from her daughter: Who was the mom of God the Father? We laughed a lot together and I tried to send her an answer adapted to her daughter’s age. Some days later, Elisha sent me this question: Who made God the...

Bible Reading with Kids—Extremely Hard to Digest

Last weekend my reader Yve sent me the email below which deeply resonated with my own experience of Bible reading with my children: My challenge with my older kids with regards to the Bible is that they found it hard to understand God's sovereignty in everything. Like...

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Children are precious and the greatest gift is to care for them with the best means possible. Since children are curious to explore the new, it is easy to help them to make them understand the new concepts by giving examples than giving advices.

I really appreciate dear Toni for taking very special interest for children and ministering to them in an effective way. This is my earnest prayer for Toni that, let our Almighty bless and help him in this great endeavor of unfolding the hidden values of the coming generation.

Blessing ! ! !
Brother in Christ,

Samson K. John

Toni Matas is a wonderful person, he cares so much about his faith. God put him here for a reason and that is to help others come to christ. This website is developing wonderfully and i hope that he will continue to make it for the glory of God.

Lydia Bowers

My children, Ethan(10) & Daniel(8), ask a lot of questions. Questions I wasn’t bold enough to ask in my day or just accepted without even questioning. I had prepared for a lot of questions, before even having children, but nothing prepared me for the directions in which they’ve taken it.

In this generation where children loose the trust of parents, Toni’s emails have helped me retain my children’s trust.

I appreciate Toni’s efforts as it has helped tremendously in answering these questions for my kids and gives me guidance in many cases to answer them myself.

God bless you Toni.

Best Regards

Mike Nwaogu C.

Congratulations for your new website, hope it will bring parents and their kids to love to know God better.



The best decision I have ever made in my whole life is introducing my family to Toni’s digital mission. It has opened our eyes to a world of possibilities. My husband and I have learnt an excellent way to pray with our two little girls, all thanks to Toni.

I strongly recommend his new book, “Children’s prayer: 365 short prayers for Families and schools”. Its not only endearing but it sure will get you started with studying the Bible with your kids which is the best foundation ever!